Ceci’s Specialty Group: Mothers

This year, it has become increasingly clear to me where I would like to focus more my efforts in the practice.  With a steady stream of mothers already visiting my office, I have really come to love working with this segment of the population more and more.  More than anything, I find that mothers are in the most need of care for themselves.  They selflessly put their children, husbands, parents, and friends ahead of themselves, and it’s no wonder that they come in to Chiropractie Noordzee with problems that have been building up for years and years.  When there is finally a chance or a need to focus on themselves, we often find there is quite a bit of work to be done.  I can help them along with my part (the chiropractic therapy), but ultimately it is up to them to make sure these patterns of muscle tension, back pain, or stress don’t return to bother them again in the future.  It’s important that they can manage their problem, know when they need to seek help, and to stay balanced physically and emotionally.

A few weeks ago a woman came in stating that she was so great at making plans and regimens for her children and husband, but had no clue where to start on herself, and she felt genuinely terrible about it!  You’d be surprised at how often I hear this from my patients.  A few weeks later, I had to pat her on the back because she was keeping up with her stretches, taking supplements daily, exercising regularly (because the therapy helped get rid of her headaches), and having her own personal “down time.”

This group is such a rewarding and fun group to work with, and I look forward to helping as many mothers as I can in the future, because when a mother feels fit and healthy, she is better equipped to take care of her family.

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