Our Chiropractic Education

We wanted to take this week’s blog to discuss our chiropractic education. There are an ever-growing number of chiropractic programs world-wide, with the most being in the United States (18 universities and colleges).

Introduction to Thomas S. Halyk

Hi everyone! My name is Thomas Halyk, and I’m very happy to be joining Chiropractic Noordzee. It’s amazing how far Ceci has come with the practice since she started it less than 2 years ago, and I’m looking forward to helping her continue to grow and expand the office in the future.

Introduction to Ceci Wong

For those who don’t know me, a short introduction. My name is Ceci Wong and I help people to restore their health through the use of chiropractic therapies. I have worked in the field of chiropractic since 2004.