Chiropractic physiotherapeutic exercises:  Advice regarding a rehabilitation or exercise program, including stretches or strengthening of certain muscle groups depending on your complaint and specific to your needs.

Nutritional consult:  Advice regarding specific supplements or dietary changes that can compliment the chiropractic treatments and aid your healing.

Rehabilitation consult:  Advice regarding a rehabilitative exercise program, including stretches and/or strengthening of certain muscle groups, designed specifically for your needs.

Ergonomic consult:  An investigation into your postures at work, at your computer, even sleeping postures, and advising on specific and necessary changes to enhance the effects of chiropractic treatments.

Children’s Wellness Program:
  A complete look into your child’s spinal health, including postural analysis and management/correction, spinal examination and scoliosis evaluation, backpack evaluation, chiropractic maintenance program, nutritional and exercise advice.

Adult Wellness Program:  Includes nutritional, rehabilitation, and ergonomic evaluations in addition to your chiropractic maintenance program.  This is a comprehensive evaluation into all aspects of your health.

Sports Injury Prevention Program:  A thorough examination (physical/orthopedic/neurologic testing) to find non-symptomatic issues (skeletal imbalance, stiff/weak muscles, scar tissue, etc.) in an athlete and correct them, thereby reducing the risk of the issue growing into something more severe.  An added benefit is that the athlete’s body will usually perform better when the issues are corrected and the body is functioning optimally.  The program can be tailored and applied to individual athletes or an entire team.